BILLFISH Performance Pants v2.0

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Fishing in pants is the future, and we're leading the movement. At the end of 2019 we released v1.0, which were loved by thousands. In 2022, we're releasing v2.0 which builds on the v1.0 with slight improvements in some key areas. 

We added new YKK-grade zippers, made to withstand saltwater. We also added a piece of fabric on the inside of the pants to protect the zippers from rubbing against your legs. We've also added zipper pockets to improve its durability. We revamped the sweatband and added new drawcords. We also improved the fit of the pant, making it fit more snug along the calve areas. 

Size Tip: Focus on the length size, as the waist usually isn't an issue (flex-fit)


Key Specs:


YKK-military grade zippers

New custom zipper pullers

New adjusted fit (slimmer around calve area)

New sweatband for better fit

Inside covers for zippers for improved durability

Custom 'Billfish' lettering on zupper puller