Billfisher Face Mask STEEL CAMO

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Introducing the Billfisher Face Mask - It features built in holes to enhance breathing and eliminate fogging of sunglasses. It also features ultra lightweight buttons, which cannot be felt on the skin, that allows the mask to be hooked to Billfisher Pro. 

Billfisher's Fabric is made out of a proprietary performance fabric. By combining Polyester and Spandex with state of the art knitting techniques, we've developed a fabric that provides for UPF protection without compromising breathability and Moisture Wicking characteristics.


The Billfisher has a soft hand and will last incredibly wrong thanks to our proprietary knitting techniques. What we were specifically blown away with was the quick TTD (Time to Dry). We measured the TTD to be around <3 minutes, which is significantly faster than the 5-10 minute industry standard.